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05-05-2004, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Kritty
So when is the last time you reffed a game? Have you ever reffed a game? It doesn't sound like it. If you have you would know that it is impossible to call every single penalty in a game. Either a ref misses a call or doesn't think it's a penalty. Whenever you have the human element involved you are bound to have refs that call things differently, you can't get around it.

Call every infraction no matter what? The NHL is having a hard enough time getting people to watch now, and then you want them to go and slow the game down by about 5 times in order to call all the penalties? That's insanity. Do you know how slow the game will be when there are 30-40 penalties every game? I can't understand how you can actually be for something like that.

If you watched the Calgary/Detroit game last night you would have noticed that there were quite a few penalties that weren't called and rightfully so. They were boredline calls and the refs made the right choice not calling them. They game kept its pace and wasn't slowed and wasn't effected by it.

I don't buy this argument for a second. How about putting some of the blame on the players for once. Everyone looks elsewhere for the blame. It's the players that make the decision to hook, slash, high stick, hit from behind, etc., not the refs. Blaming only the refs is a cop out. It's about bloody time these players took some blame.
I have reffed and am not very good at it. My post was loaded with sarcasm as I blame the league, team GM's, team Governors and Bettman more than anyone. Refs are encouraged to use descretion and interpretation instead of just good common sense and believing what their eyes are telling them. Players and coaches take advantage of refs that do not enforce the rules and the game and it's fans are suffering as a result. If refs stuck with their crackdown last year the game would have been fixed by now but the old schooled refs, GM's and coaches that complained got their way and the attempted crackdown failed once again. I am sick and tired of watching refs TURN A BLIND EYE to obvious calls and if you watched hockey in the 80's you would know that most if not all obstruction, tripping, charging, hits from behind, slashing, holding was always called. The game is out of control now and decision makers and refs are reluctant to take a stand in order to fix the game. Short term pain for long term gain and more importantly to fix a broken game. Turn down the volume the next time you watch an NHL game and the play is BORING. Get the puck to the net, crash the net, run the goalies, collect the ugly goals - these are the expressions heard daily in hockey and no longer do we see odd man attacks, pretty passing plays, creative hockey, hockey that rewards skill and showcases stars. When the Forsbergs and Sakics of the game just look ordinary you know the game is in trouble.

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