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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
Wow, I just can't believe Saku Koivu has been added. It's a complete joke.I love the guy, but there's NO WAY he should even been close to something like remotely considered as one the top-25 Habs players ever. Hell, I'm not sure he's even a top-500 players to ever play hockey ... I'll go completely crazy if he get in the top-25 and this project would of been a complete failure. Anyway ....
I disagree. And unless this project is your PERSONAL top 25 list, then I don't see how it can be considered a failure???? You ask for other peoples input, but then critize their input if they don't agree with you?????

Saku Koivu, after ever thing is said and done, has a good chance at being the longest serving captain in team history. If that alone doesn't qualify him to at least be CONSIDERED in the top 25 players in franchise history, I dunno what does.

There are alot of names that I'm sure will make the list before Saku, but I don't see how considering Saku Koivu's name in franchise greatest before Claude Provost or Guy Carbonneau is that insane!!! I honestly can't see how Guy Carbonneau can be considered a greater hab than Saku Koivu????

I think it's crazy that Patrick Roy is considered a top 20 hab of all time. I was a Roy fan, but honestly, on my personal list, he would not crack my top 20. Maybe not top 25. Time has given him more credit for the 1993 Stanley Cup that he deserves. He played well in those playoffs, and I would agree he was the best player, and deserved on the Conn Smythe, but there were ALOT of other clutch perfomers and performances that help ensure that Cup win that those of just Patrick's.

Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
Newsy Lalonde, add Claude Provost
I agree with you there.


add: Claude Provost

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