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03-28-2008, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
The question is pretty simple, it goes: Which of these hockey players has been the best while playing with the Habs? Koivu is one of the longest serving Canadiens in hockey history? Ok ... Well you can consider him a good leader. But this fact doesn't make him a better hockey player. If the question was: Who are the most siginficant players in the Montreal Canadiens history?, well Saku Koivu would have NO DOUBT a place in the list.

This list should take in consideration their scoring abilities, playmaking skills, leadership value, their physical dominance, their speed, clutch scoring, back and front checking prowess and defensives abilities, all that while playing for the Montreal Canadiens. If you take all that into the equation, Koivu should nowhere to be found on the list.

That's the project, and the question is pretty much straightforward.
The question is not straight forward. I take this project as seeking the players who had the greatest impact with Montreal. If it's about 'best', then Markov & Kovalev would rank higher than Koivu, and H.Richard would not place as highly as he has.

But this is about impact. And the fact is, all the stats are in Koivu's favour to be top-20.

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