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05-05-2004, 12:01 PM
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Just as a reminder, when Garon was put on waivers, he had very little exposure as an NHL goalie, little games played. No GM would have taken a chance if it meant getting rid of a goalie in place (if they picked up Garon, they would have to send another goalie in the minors/waivers and risk getting stuck with 3 goalies). The timing of when they put him on waivers was perfect. I bet you that if he was put on waiver today, he would get picked up in a hurry.

As for anybody that thinks Garon isn't no 1 material, you are wrong. Any goalie that performed the way he did as a back-up should be given a chance. He is NHL no 1 ready, case and point.

Next thing up is the fact that the habs have the luxury to trade a goalie, either Theo or Garon. Maybe Theo will go as he has more value. Only BG knows. I'd be very surprised if both were at training camp...if there is one. Garon can do the job Theo did.

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