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03-28-2008, 01:52 PM
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My friendly advice would be:

1. Don't buy stolen gear. You help create a market for stolen gear, which creates an incentive for people to steal. One day, the person who gets stolen from will be you. Even if it never happens to you, you are making it that much worse for all the rest of us to participate in the community of hockey players.

2. Don't buy anything from someone who once sold you stolen gear, even if he says this item isn't stolen. If he's selling you brand new gear at cut rate, something probably isn't right. If he bought them for his own use and has the receipt to prove it, but decided he no longer wants them, that would be legit. But in that case, why can't he return them for full value? Something is likely not right here.

3. Don't even associate with someone who traffics in stolen gear. Eventually, you may get caught up in something you don't want to be caught up in.

Just my opinion though.

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