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05-05-2004, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by EroCaps
I mean no offense, but that'd be a ludicrous deal for Washington. Trade two young blue chip players for one? Even disregarding the 1st round pick, it's two steps backwards.
No offense taken. You have to give to get though.
It all depends on how much you like who is sitting there at #4.
You say you won't trade two blue chippers for one, but you expect Columbus to trade one for none. That isn't fair. Quantity does not equal quality.

Columbus knows what it can get at #4. To move from there, is to take a bigger risk. To do that, I would want some sort of safety. The safety would be the player and/or the 05 first, which at worst, would be in the same range as the first's you're offering this year.
Keep in mind, Columbus has what you want, under this scenario, not the other way around.

Under my proposal, you come out of this draft with four 1st (including Ovechkin and possibly Barker) and a 2nd. Not a bad haul if you ask me.
Columbus comes out with a player, 2 firsts next year (at still to be determined slots) and two 2nds this year. Not bad either.
I think its fair.

Like I said, it all depends on how much you like who is at #4.

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