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05-05-2004, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by KallioWeHardlyKnewYe
I've chimed in on possible Caps-CBJ draft trades a few times. Here is where the conversation would have to start for me. Just one man's opinion.

One of: Eminger, Morrisson or Semin. +
2005 1st round. +
2004 2nd round (33 and 56)

That is what I'd ask for. My reasoning -- Columbus can't fall to 26 and 29 in the first. That's way too far for a young organization to drop in the draft. They would need something of quality (not quantity) back. One of those players would fit that for me. It's rolling the dice, but I'm going to say the 05 1st rounder is going to be higher than the 26th and 29th this year. I'd gamble with that. Washington's picks in this draft, to me, are throw-ins, not the value.

If I was under the gun, I'd consider dropping the player or the 05 1st rounder in favor of more picks in this draft. But, to even consider the deal, it would have to have at least one of those two elements.

That's crazy.

flat out whacko.

<--- he'd do the trade.

But... I sure wouldn't.

First, Emminger/Morrisonn are pretty much off limits. And Semin's the Caps only offensive weapon at the moment. I highly doubt he'd be traded.

So, one of those guys...


Then to ask for next year's #1, which will more than likely be another top 5 pick...

in addition to two seconds!?

What are they smoking in Columbus?

I could see something work out where the Caps swing a deal to move up to the Kings pick for a Stana/1st rounder deal, and then swing that higher first rounder, the left over first rounder, and a second or two to get up in the top part of the draft (again)

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