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05-05-2004, 12:14 PM
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First of all I'm just bringing something worthwhile to discuss no need to get all uppity and say who am I to question Quinn's coaching

You suggest he was a scratch to rest up for a game 7.. that's ridiculous.. you have to win game 6 before you can even think of game 7 and if you put a lineup in with your backs against the wall and they come thru you don't take someone from that lineup to put Francis back in for game 7.

Francis isn't a great player anymore but there are plenty of guys who fit that crieteria in Toronto and they still played....... Nik Antropov was a complete liability every shift he was on the ice yet he never missed a shift.... Ron Francis stood a greater chance of making an impact at this point in time than Antropov did.

Wade Belak would have been a perfect choice to sit if you didn't want to bench your pet project Antropov.... just because he played one solid game doesn't excuse him from being among the worst regular NHL roster players of the past 5 years.

Anyways that's just my point of view..... you don't sit guys like Francis.... it's a complete lack of respect.. you can cut his minutes... but you don't bench him outright.

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