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05-05-2004, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Chimaera
Ovechkin is overrated. Already.

He's not Jesus!

He's not Moses!

And he certainly isn't the Great One...

He'll be the first Alexander Ovechkin... and how good that will be/could be/ or is, will all be determined. His talent isn't something that can be debated, because he has talent. A lot of talent. But... the thing that needs to be found out is how hard he'll work when he gets here, and if the cards will fall right.

I'm happy the Caps are going to get him, and I truly think that he could be one of the premier offensive talents within 3-4 years in the NHL, but that doesn't mean he's guranteed to hit that mark.

Until people see how he stacks up against consistent NHL competition, night to night, there's no telling how good he is (or isn't) right now.

And Ottawa'd be pretty crazy to do that trade. Taking a player who's 2-3 years away (in all likelihood) from being a regular contributer on a Playoff team for a player who is contributing some now and about to start producing more... would be crazy.
And if he steps in right away and puts up great numbers for the next 10-15 years you would say that >> Franchise players DO NOT GROW ON TREES AND YOU DO NOT TRADE THEM >> Pittsburgh using your logic should have traded mario instead of buildind a team around him>> Bet they are glad you are not their gm >> Either you get everything the market will bare plus 10% or you do not trade him >> Ask the oilers fans if they would rather of had wayne or what they got in return >>>>>

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