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05-05-2004, 01:48 PM
Guy LaFleur
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Originally Posted by HABitude
Other teams wanting Theo is Detroit and Colorado.
They can offer pretty interresting players too.
Remember one thing: forget the Houle trade of Roy for a bunch of chockers. Gainey is a different GM and will ask the FULL price for Theo. If the return is not what he wants, he will not make the trade.
In Gainey I trust.
Um, Colorado won't be interested in a goalie. This is only Aebischer's first year as a starter and a case could be made for him to win the Vezina. All of this nonsense about Colorado wanting a goalie has been going on all year and the team has repeated over and over that Aebischer is their man. He followed one of the best goalies in history and he still put up Roy-like numbers. Why would they want another goalie?

And Detroit? Huh? With the impending CBA lock-out and the likely salary cap, Detroit won't be adding another $6M to their payroll. As it stands, they are SCREWED should a salary cap be put in place. Hasek might be off their payroll, but when I last checked, Cujo's got another year left. Besides, Cujo's had a great playoffs for them in relief of Legace, and I doubt they've even considered looking for a new goalie. Coach, yes; goalie, no.

And that trade is ridiculous. As much as I would like a Norris-worthy defenseman on the team right now, there is nothing you could give me to make me want to give up Theodore for Lalime. Nothing. Give me Gretzky, Orr, and Lemieux, and I wouldn't do it. Without a good goalie, you're not going anywhere.

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