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05-05-2004, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by highstickingyerface
I wasn't suggesting at all putting Francis in over Tucker or Mogilny.. merely pointing out many others had played well below expectations and no thought of scratching them was made

altho Mogilny was completely invisible against Ottawa.. i would question Quinn's wisdom if he had scratched him too but going by your argument he would have been using good coaching tactics to do so

Antropov was matched against Primeau all series? Funny how this so called feud started between Antropov and Roenick then and Primeau made Sundin and company his personal ***** in Philly... maybe you should be done with this thread if those are your beliefs or just take your own advice and watch the games a bit closer.. I'll help you out tho Primeau is huge and wears number 25... Roenick not so much and wears 97. You're welcome.

Hey who was always lining up against Primeau in Toronto? Who was J.R.'s line going against yesterday? in Philly Hitchcock had last change so he was putting Primeau out there against Mats and whoever else. In Toronto it was Antropov being put out there against Primeau. Feud? it was 1 incident and you're calling it a feud. Francis did nothing to help this team on the ice, and if he did I sure as hell didn't notice it.

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