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05-05-2004, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy LaFleur
And that trade is ridiculous. As much as I would like a Norris-worthy defenseman on the team right now, there is nothing you could give me to make me want to give up Theodore for Lalime. Nothing. Give me Gretzky, Orr, and Lemieux, and I wouldn't do it. Without a good goalie, you're not going anywhere.
A great D would help a rookie goalie like Garon. And Lalime is a proven goalie of the league, maybe he was overated but still between 10-30th in the league. The purpose of trading Theo is guessing that Garon is as good or even better potential than Theo. This is like betting/gambling in poker. If Garon is as good as Theo, Habs wins both times: they replace Theo for a cheaper G and they get a real good forward or defence. But the starting key of this trading idea is betting that Garon will be able to make the job. Since you (or whoever) don't beleive in Garon, this trade is not worth it.

Some facts: Theo is not yet the same level as Patrick Roy or Martin Brodeur. Theo won two rounds (2002 and 2004) and was beaten badly in second round. So it's not like giving away Roy or Brodeur. Theo is disturbed by all what happens in his family justice trials. He's like me and you, just an human that will be deconcentrated for a while. Especially in Montreal with the surrounding/amount of the medias like rapace birds over a dead body. A change of scenery would help Theo.

Another fact: His value is higher than the other goalies traded in NHL history. Now teams are very aware of the real value of a goalie in PO. The problemo is that most team beleive in their unproven goalies (Eabisher, Cloutier, Lagace, Esche) even if they might neven pan out like they should. Some teams wants mature proven goalies, sometimes too old or overated like Burke or Checkmanek. Theodore is not in that range, he belongs in the top goalie's high price trade range.

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