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03-29-2008, 02:29 PM
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Excellent Analogy of Hitch!

Originally Posted by JACKETfan View Post
Good retort Bob. It basically says what I believe... that until we make the playoffs EVERYONE, including Hitch and Howson, have something to prove.

Plenty of blame to go around... here's some for Hitch:

Hitch has said and done some things that I don't agree with.
He waffles for one thing. For example: he makes a big deal several times about how Z and Nasher can't play together. Then who does he pair against Nashville?

Second example: He talks openly about goalies needing confidence. The he smirks and says "no comment" about Freddy No's holding Nashville to 2 goals. That was bush league. And one of the goals was a clear deflection. Don't tell me he didn't know that. He knew. His video guys report everything to him during the game.

Example three: Coach complains about us having AHLers on the roster. But he repeatedly says that he lets Scott Howson make the personnel decisions. Does anybody really believe Hitch is THAT hands-off about personnel? And if he IS hands-off, then he's not as good a coach as some would have us believe. Man-up coach. Tell Scott and John H who you want (which you SHOULD have done last summer, last Fall and before the deadline. (Please don't insult my intelligence by saying Hitch doesn't make personnel decisions).

Example four: Vyborny's crappy crappy season. Coach protected him, made numerous excuses for him. Yet WHO DOES HE ALLOW TO BE TRADED? Fedorov who was having a good season with us. (Please not insult my intelligence by saying Hitch doesn't have a say in personnel with Howson).

Example five: Brule and Brassard. Coach said Bru was better off playing in the AHL and yet allows him to stay up and continue to suck. Coach said they wouldn't play Brassard til he was ready, and that when he was up "he was up for good." Hello! Coach says "confidence" is an important factor in dealing with our young guys. But his moves with Bru and Brassard contradicted what he said.

Example six: Who else got sick and tired of Hitch saying "we're still in this!" Is there anybody up here who HONESTLY thought we were still in this 5 games ago when Hitch was still selling that kool-aid? I've been asking in posts for Hitch to breath more fire. Instead, Hitch has sounded like a church pastor.

Final example (though I could mention plenty others): Coach says "the minute you trade Shelley you're out looking for another guy like him." So he repeatedly scratches Shelley and let's Howson trade him without replacing him. Coach says "team toughness" is not about fighting. He talks a good game about toughness. But nobody who's watched the Jackets would ever accuse them of being tough. In fact, we're STILL soft and everyone in the league knows it.

We gave Hitch a pass all year because of his pedigree. So now he's had more than a season and several player acquisitions to prove himself. Yet his "defense first" approach has produced a horrible offensive output. Ok...I can hear his sycophants gearing up to defend him as if "Hitchcock" is a lock for the HOF. But last I looked, he was fired from Philly and hired by the lowly Blue Jackets who are once again NOT in the playoffs.

We are a mere 8 pts out of the playoffs. That's four games we should have won... but didn't because Hitch has been unable to solve the offensive puzzle.

JF CONCLUSION: Coach it is also you YOURSELF who has not put this team in a position to score.
Well said!! I think it is time to look at Hitch's performance under a microscope. Have the CBJ really improved that much under Hitch? Still 13th in the Conference and 8-10 pts out of a playoff spot. Enough said.

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