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05-05-2004, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by ax˛+bx+c
On a personal level, the Perezhogin thing remebers me a very dark event of my life. When I was in kintergarden, I was one of the nicest kids arround. I would talk all the time and never hit anyone. Well, my little story at the time shocked a lot of adults, because it's the last thing they expected. You know, all my friends were playing with plastic guns and war toys. My parents never bought me any toys that could look violent or be related to wars. I had my habs jersey, my hockey sticks. I was playing outside and basically I could even play with my neighboor (a girl) with barbies. I didn't care of what it was, I was just pacific and playing with other kids. Then one day, after I reapeatly told them (5 little kids of my age where I was at the "garderie") that guns were bad, war sucked and that Robocop sucked and was too violent, they were a bunch of kids really angry at me and they started to hit me. I've always been a lot stronger than people of my age. For a few minutes, it didn't bothered me, I thought they were not strong. Then after 10-15 minutes, I really lost me temper. I severly beaten up the 5 guys that were trying to hurt me. We're talking about blood getting out of their noses, bruise on their body for a while, etc. I really kicked their ass. Of course I was crying after I almost left inconscious 3 of my "friends" and bloodied a few of them. I'm not exagerating, they were really in a bad condition. It was the first time of my life that I lost my temper, one of the only time it happened, but still, when you're provoking events like this, you just get it back in your face. They were 5 and you could very well figure out that I had a lot of adrenaline rushing into my body. Well, if you know how the brains works, you should know that you're loosing the access to the neo-cortex of your brain if you're put under those situations (especially with a lot of beta-adrenalic receptors being binded in your brain). The neo-cortex is where you think and it's basically locked if you're put under those conditions. It comes down to sub-levels such has emotional and repitlian brains. Those sub-levels of your brain cannot think. Think about Perezhogin. He got hit very hard, border line legal hit, got slashed on the legs, then cross-checked on the neck, then the guy (Stafford) take a full swing when he looks at him. 99% of the people would've replied with a defensive attempt to shut down what's trying to hurt you. It's ****ing instinctive. I beg people to stop calling it a stupid act, Perez was unable to think when it happened. Anyways.....

i would had pay to see that LOL

pettry boring to read btw it's a hockey forum .

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