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03-30-2008, 03:00 PM
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Need a new blade

I'm currently using a Warrior AK27 Shaft + Blade combo, but my blade is a Federov curve and I hate it. Before my AK, I was using Jokinen/St. Louis curves and I guess I got used to them, but the Federov curve isn't working too well for me.
I was thinking about buying a One90 blade for it, since it comes in the PM9 curve which I always used before. Would this work well with the AK27 shaft? What blade do you recommend for an AK? Thanks.
I was also thinking about just buying a new stick altogether. I can pretty much buy whatever stick I want (birthday money), but I've had my eye on the Bauer One90 for a while now. I like the XXXX too, but I'm afraid of the durability problems I had before when I had the XXX. I want to try something new, and the One90 seems pretty sweet.
At the same time, the Synergy SL is pretty cheap now but it's still a great, light stick. I could get this as well.

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