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05-06-2004, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Raimo Sillanpää
But why the merge, was HFBoards rtunning out of resources? Thne how about cleaning up ancient private messages and deleting usernames that havent been used in aeons? Most other BBS systems do these..
That wouldn't do anything else than clear up hard disk space, and very marginally. It isn't the hard disk space, it's server load. Load is caused by querys to the database. All pages are composed by the server by querying for different elements from the db. More pages means more load. More querys per page means more load. And the boards main page is the primary cause of server overload. So they decided to lessen the number of querys for the main page.

I posted my comments and suggestions (sub-forums!) in the feedback thread. I hope everyone else that is pissed off does the same (and intelligently, please, that's the correct way to go about things).

Cutting the server load is good. Doing it "pissing while running" (finnish saying) not so good. A little more thought from the admins before a lot af action. Now even if they realize the need for sub-forums, some of the mods are going to be doing overtime work to sort out the thread to the corresponding sub-forums.

The [FIN]-labels were a good temp fix - but that's all. It's still pretty freaking confusing.

And of course this was easy to do to us stinking Euros... I don't see them merging the minor league forums... ;-)

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