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05-06-2004, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by K215215
Watching the Kings Minnesota game last night i saw something amazing. I was able to enjoy watching Kevin Garnett play without being tug, held, and slapped everytime he got the ball. It was awesome...this huge skillful player actually was allowed to play. In the playoffs no less
NBA = rich TV contract, working under salary cap, consistent reffing, higher % of fans filling the seats, wider popularity and STARS SHINE in the NBA.

NHL = poor TV contract, no salary cap, inconsistent refs, higher % of empty seats in a gate driven league, overpaid players compared to other sports, fans-players-coaches all complain they no longer know which infractions will be called and rely on being suprised either way on almost every call and STARS are hidden under a barrage of interference and numerous other infractions that supports and helps checkers nullify offensive players and does not allow stars to be stars.

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