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03-31-2008, 08:46 PM
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OT - HF Cosom team

Seb, JF, Harry, MoMo, and myself want to start a team. We'd be looking for players who don't totally suck, since we're not very good, so it'd be nice to get some help. :p.

So far this is what we have...

D: Me, Seb
F: Harry, JF
G: MoMo (though he has no equipment... so I think him playing D would be smarter, if we can find a goalie with pads, and such).

Post in here, or PM me if you want to play. We're looking for friendly guys, not guys who will goon it up, and try to intimidate other players... that's ********. I'll let Seb post more info, since I'm lazy. I'll now show him the link to this thread, and if he doesn't reply, then he's stupid.

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