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05-06-2004, 02:16 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Proven coaches are not always the answer. Muckler was a proven coach. So was Blow. And rookie coaches are not always mistakes. Tippet is doing well in Dallas. Andy Murray has been great in LA. The key is getting the right one and, perhaps even more importantly, Jackass allowing the coach to coach his way.
Puppets don't work. Jackass has got to allow the next coach to coach his own style, not the way that Sather himself would run the team. If Sather is set on not holding players accountable and run-n'-gun, then we'll probably see Renney. And that will probably result in Crosby. If Sather wants to build a solid foundation, then his next choice has to not only work well with kids, but also set down some ground rules that apply to all players.
Q remains my top choice. But is he realistic? You got to figure that he'll get better offers. If the 'Lanche job becomes available, I expect him to jump to it. Martin is also good at getting younger teams to play better, however, if he wants to work with a good group of young kids, then why not take the Florida job?
Francis is a possibility, given his family name. I think that Robinson neither wants the job, and to tell the truth, I am not that hot on him. They guy does not want to be here.
I think that McGill HAS GOT to be considered. He cannot be allowed to get away like Tortarella did. Him and Fotiu have installed a very good defensive system. His players work very hard every shift and he is not afraid to bench players. The team takes the body well and everyone stands up for each other and is held equally accountable. Plus he knows the players and they know him and what he wants and expects. Plus, if there is no NHL next year, he will have another year with the youngsters already playing for him that will be playing here.
proven winners

there is a big difference between Low/Muckler and Q/Martin.. the latter two are tiers above the former

i don't doubt McGill's ability, but i don't care for it if we can get one of Q/Martin

this team can not afford to bring in a boom or bust coach, dallas isn't a strong example, they had hitchcock there forever and were not far removed of a cup winning season, we did before Trottier, that was a huge bust, we need sure things

if we can't get Q or Martin then we can talk about McGill but as of right now, they are both candidates for the Ranger's head coaching job

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