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05-06-2004, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
I was merely responding to the jab that the Preds would love to have Datsyuk. I'm not accusing you of making excuses, merely stating the obvious.

As for Yzerman's percieved lack of early playoff success, the numbers sure don't bear that out. He averaged atleast a point per game in his first 5 playoff seasons. He then had a mini-slump (88-95) where he was right around a point per game. Since 95, he's been above and below it many times. But I don't think he was too unsuccessful in his early years. That is, unless the statistic lie.

The thing that frustrates me about Datsyuk is the excuses laid out by several Wings fans in this thread. They claim he needs a scorer to produce. They claim that Hull didn't play well. My concern with Datsyuk is this. How good is he going to be when he doesn't have a HOFer on his wing. If he struggles mightily when that HOFer isn't playing well, what's he going to do if Detroit throws a lesser talent on that wing? What's he going to do when he has to elevate the game of a 3rd liner who happens to be on Datsyuk's wing because Detroit doesn't have anyone better?
Yzerman's early playoff years were in the late 80's. Players accidentally averaged a point a game back then. These days it is much different.

And I dont see many people really making excuses for Datsyuk. Like I said earlier, most the Wings fans in this thread readily agree that Datsyuk played like garbage.

I just feel the people who are completely writing the guy's entire career off already are dead wrong.

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