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05-06-2004, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
I agree (to an extent) with the point. I just didn't think the comparison's fit like a glove.

And he didn't have much of a supporting cast? Maybe Hull didn't have much help from Datsyuk either? You can blame Hull's injury or Zett's injury or you can always blame Datsyuk. For the healthy one of the group, he sure didn't stand out as such. And I said he had little responsibility/pressure given his situation. He's allowed to underperform because there's more playoff savvy vets out there like Shanahan, Chelios, Yzerman and co. to toss blame on when things don't work out. He's not on a team where he's expected to do it all (like an Iginla). Maybe he didn't have a great supporting cast. Or maybe he did little to make his supporting cast better. And yes, I know you have high hopes for him. But those hopes don't so much rest on this playoff performance as they do the future. There's not a Red Wing fan alive that isn't concerned (to some degree) by his playoff performance to date. I know that soft in the postseason stereotype is in the back of your head. I'm just saying I see it too.
I agree with a lot of what you said.

I just have a problem with those that said, "he is 26, he has no excuse." IMO, that is a very weak argument. I tried to explain that by giving examples. Maybe they weren't the best expamples, but I think people understood my point.

He shouldn't be penalized for being a late bloomer and entering the league a few years later than others his age. Just like anybody else, he has to learn to adjust to the playoffs. And I really hope he will.

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