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05-06-2004, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by BIGTRAIN
Salo was a backup and what games were you watching Aebischer let in a lot of soft goals >> Number 1 goalies are supposed to win games when his team scores few goals and he failed in that >> Put Olie on that team or ottawa and they both are in the conference finals and most likely in the cup finals >> You blant stupidy is showing thru and if it were not that you cannot separate fact from you tainted mind you would see it >> Olie got his team to the finals with a substandered team both offenseively and defenseively and you three goalies ( ottawa,av's & vancouver ) could not get out of the conferense >> So go blow you sh-t at someone else you idoit want to be >> and no she was not Plante but was a lot better dead than those three goalie want to be's are alive >>>>
Kolzig would've been the backup in all three of those teams and wouldn't have seen playing time. The Vas and the Sens didn't score enough and Lalime's only bad game was game 7, in Vancouver Kolzig would only have seen ice-time because pof Cloutier's injury, or else he would've watched from the bench because Cloutier was the team's #1 goalie.

Are you sure I am the one who's "blant stupidy is showing thru and if it were not that you cannot separate fact from you tainted mind you". You're the one who treats everything you think like a fact. You proved once again that you are the dumbest person on these boards saying Ottawa and Colorado would be in the conference finals had they had Kolzig in nets. Even Hextall or Brodeur (who ahve a grand total of 2 career goals) would not ahve been able to help those team's offense. Both teams lost because they didn't score enough.

Playoffs is almost all about goaltending but you need to score at least one goal to win and the Sens failed to do that in 3 of their 4 losses to Toronto. Also, going in the game thinking you have to win 1-0 puts way too much pressure on the goalie. If the team doesn't score well the goalie can't win the game for them. And having the best goalie doesn't garantee you a cup (just look at new-Jersey is right now, or the Avs last season), so there is absolutely nothing the Avs or the Sens would be in the conference finals with Kolzig in nets. Anyways Kolzig isn't better than the goalies those teams had.

You're so close minded and have absolutely no hockey knowledsge it's not even funny, why are you posting on these boards man you're just wasting everybody's time?? And please learn how to type and use periods not >>> And also stop talking about your grandmother because I'm sure she'd be humiliated by your stupidity.

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