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05-06-2004, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by JoseTheo
If you were a real hab fan, that wouldn't make you happy... Just

Way to go Guy LaFleur.. those are my exact thoughts.

I watch 301 games a year Smail
I'm a hockey fan first. I root for the Habs mostly (since I was little). I also root for Ottawa and Vancouver. If Montreal played 300 games per year, I'd just watch their games but they don't, so I need my daily hockey fix elsewhere.

What I'm not happy about is that people are satisfied and happy, in some sort of delusion that Theodore played "exceptionnaly well". I want Montreal to win the Stanley Cup. That's what I want. If Theodore can't take us there because he chokes or is highly inconsistent between good and bad games, I'll write it because I'll think a change needs to be done there. I'd hate to suffer the same fate as Leafs fans and to never see Montreal win the cup once again.

Also, I wasn't the callous one by labelling anyone against my position as "an average hockey fan", something to which I take offense. HF is a community that watch prospects. We live on scouts reports. We assess players individually. I just did assess Theodore's play like I would assess any other player's play or prospect play. How did I assess Theodore? I compared him to his peers and I compared the Theodore during the playoff to the Theodore that's paid $6M (the Hart and Vezina one that has very good positional play and reads the play well). Technically, Theodore wasn't as good as he should be. Theodore demanded $6M, which is a statement that he's the team's best player, which is a statement he could play consistently like he did. After that, I compared his play to what the other goaltender's play in the playoff was. How did Theodore play compared to his peers. That sounds rather methodical and objective imo, rather than just blowing off steam based on me being a fan. If you want to win, you'll have to be methodical and objective, otherwise you won't take the good decisions.

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