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04-01-2008, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Dakota Sioux View Post
Turris gone.
I don't like kids leaving after 1 year.It hurts the league IMO.
I hear ya, D-Sioux. It's a real bummer for the fans and the schools that invest so heavily in these guys to see them leave early. Even Heater stuck around until his sophomore year was through. Turris was THE main reason for the team's success this year. Still, I doubt he is going to approximate what Heatley has done in the pros.

It really is sad to see top programs hemmoraging their top talent after only having them for a year or so. When you take into account guys like Turris, Toews, Johnson, KO, Stafford, Trotter, blahblahblah leaving early it's like NHL teams that make a trade for a rental player for the playoffs. I'm not a fan of NHL teams poaching these guys from college. I remember going to college in Columbus, OH and watching the Wolverine team with Madden, Morrison, Knuble and Turco lay waste to the hapless Buckeyes. It was obvious all those guys were going to go pro, and all of them finished out their 4 years in college. I'm not sure what has changed since then.

I wonder if it will change the recruiting strategy of some programs. It's nice to have the blue chip guys around for a year or two, but it's the guys like Bina, Burrish, Porter, et. al. that are the keys to long term success for a college team.

As far as Drewiske is concerned, Reaper, he will probably make a good 5th or 6th d-man. He is dependable and always plays hard, but isn't the most skilled guy on the team. Picture Tom Kostopolous as a d-man and you get the picture. DD was a good captain on a team that never really gelled. I wish him and al the seniors the best.

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