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05-06-2004, 09:09 PM
Kevin Forbes
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Originally Posted by Sir Ozzie X
If Barker is gone and the Ducks want Olesz bad enough, 9th overall and Gerber for 4th overall.
I can't see Anaheim wanting Olesz
If they trade up, they do it for Barker
Defence is a priority for Anaheim in this draft, Forwards...not so much (Lupul, Chistov, Getzlaf, Perry are a good core of prospects to work from)

As for Gerber, I would rather see Anaheim hang on to him through the off season and wait and see how Giguere starts off. Giguere (and therefore Anaheim) is traditionally a slow starter, and Bryzgalov (the third goalie in the equation) wouldn't be able to carry the team if Giguere was cold to begin the season. I would rather see Gerber there instead. This would allow teams to have a better look at their own goaltending situation and perhaps raise Gerber's value as well as Gerber's play could raise his value. This would also benefit the Ducks, if he stays until December. If he wasn't needed and Giguere looks solid, then dump him in October or November.

Two things prevent this idea from happening:
1)Gerber is a RFA this off season. He wants to be a starter and his performance this year has proved that he could be, most likely. He deserves a healthy increase on his 500k, whether he gets it or not. It could even be possible that he is qualified and holds out..
2)Anaheim has 4 goalies in the system. 4 goalies. If they are going to have Bryzgalov as Giguere's backup, something will have to be done to find another netminder for Cincy, and hopefully a pretty good one (Ferhi was 2-12-3, not exactly competing numbers, no wonder Bryzgalov saw so many minutes). The only time that Anaheim will really have to find another netminder for Cincy is the off-season...(maybe Kelly Guard..had a great season in the WHL, is a UFA and was at the Ducks camp last year...)

So anyway, Gerber's probably worth a 2nd or so, in my opinion.

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