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05-06-2004, 11:03 PM
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Playoffs should elevate a sport, any sport; the intensity, the drama, the tiny margin of error. I think true sports fans are doing themselves a disservice not to witness the brilliance of playoff hockey. Baseball's 2003 post-season was impressive especially the underlying theme of the Red Sox and Cubs possibly meeting in the World Series and then failing yet again via a script that no one from Hemingway to a Hollywood producer could imagine, so I am not saying that hockey alone has these qualities.

But hockey deserves better than a Mike Danton front page article in the USA Today (yesterday) or a constant analysis of the Todd Bertuzzi incident by some self-centered bumbleheads in the mainstream media. Hockey will always have a hindrance in the states that football and basketball, for the most part, do not and that is the popularity of those sports' college appeal. Immediately, fans know the newcomers to their teams in those sports, while it takes time to develop in hockey.

I think what Buccigross was trying to relay to the non-hockey media out there who criticize or, maybe worse, ignore and avoid the sport is "How 'bout some good press?" I heard one very well nationally known baseball expert a few months ago say about hockey "You can't give tickets away. Since they took fighting out no one wants to go to the games anymore." I beg to differ.

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