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04-02-2008, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Slippy13 View Post
I love everyone trying to be politically correct in this thread hehe.

PC or not and bluntly put, she sucks as a commentator. Far too monotonous voice and bland color commentary that is only reminiscent of a poorly funded figure skating competition.
As a former figure skater, trust me, figure skating has exactly the opposite problem... the commentators talk too damn much and the less they know (Tom Hammond at the last Olympics) the more they talk and blather on about their opinions- which, without the knowledge of the technical side of the sport, generally make no sense.

That said, I agree that Cassie Campbell needs to work on her inflection. She's very monotone, and it's tough to get interested in what someone's saying when they're talking with so little emotion.

Anyone want to accuse me of being sexist?

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