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04-02-2008, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by CastroLeRobot View Post
The Prosecutor and Police went on a total power trip when they issued an arrest warrant against him. You see, I'm not defending Lafleur, but the guy was not a fugitive, he wasn't dangerous and there was no chance he would re-comit his crime (i.e. parjury in the court). Arrest Warrants are issued for the authorities to pursue and arrest on sight a dangerous criminal. You can clearly see the opportunistic police officers trying to have a name by issuing a warrant against a hockey Legend. Anyway, they could have called the guy, his lawyer, anything. But they didn't. There can only be 1 purpose and it is to damage Lafleur's reputation and "punish him" for his crime.

I'm under the impression that the 2 ladies that issued the warrant (the prosecutor and officer) were pissed when they learned Guy drove his son to have sex with a girl at a Hotel when the son was on parole for having assaulted a minor girl. They knew Guy wouldn't be legally punished for lying about that (no judge will punish someone for lying under oath to save their child), so they decided to take justice into their own hand. THIS IS WHERE THEY WENT WRONG. You can't have the police "deciding" what is and what isn't punishment enough. You can't be judge, jury and executioner. This is what separates democracy from fascist states.

I don't like Lafleur...he has this attitude like he is above everyone else, and he criticized my team and that I can't forgive

But that doesn't give me the right to ruin his reputation, his name and treat him like a criminal.

eveyone siding with the police here is just a hater.

the police
Justice system for releasing the son in the first place
I agree. The arrogance of this is just too typical. I hope Guy wins his case.

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