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04-02-2008, 06:31 PM
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I put them in the game. My ratings were probably terrible and I think I made them too good, but it's entertaining.

The Ducks, who I put on the USNTDP, just went through their draft year. The results were:
Chicago selected Charlie Conway 3rd
Montreal selected Adam Banks 4th
Edmonton selected Julie Gaffney 5th
Philadelphia selected Fulton Reed 6th
Pittsburgh selected Gunnar Stahl 7th
Montreal selected Luis Mendoza 31th
Washington selected Dwayne Robertson 34th
Philadelphia selected Kenny Wu 40th
Los Angeles selected Connie Moreau 43rd
Anaheim selected Guy Germain 74th
St. Louis selected Greg Goldberg 117th
Vancouver selected Russ Tyler 129th
Toronto selected Dean Portman 137th
NY Islanders selected Jesse Hall 158th

Terry Hall, Peter Mark, Dave Karp, Lester Averman, Tommy Duncan, and Tammy Duncan were undrafted

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