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05-07-2004, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by slink
What would be wrong with Milwakee. I'm not really sure about this, but isn't Wisconsin a hockey crazy state? They have a metro population of 1.5 million people... Why has no one ever considered Milwakee!?
Milwaukee will not likely ever be an NHL city. The Petits (rest in peace) tried to bring an NHL team to the city when they built the Bradley Center. The building was built to provide an NHL Caliber building as well as to keep the Bucks in town. However, they decideded that $95 Million for the Lightning franchise spot in the expansion was too much to pay to lose for 5-6 years.

They then tried to bring the Hartford Whalers to Milwaukee instead of Carolina. But again, the price tag was out of their comfort zone for what they saw as Milwaukee's ability to make money.

Also, there is "Dollar" Bill Wirtz to consider. He feels that Milwaukee is part of "his" market with the Blackhawks. And would demand a hefty "fee" for any team put here. Financially, I don't see it as viable. The Bucks are struggling at the gate, the Brewers are struggling at the gate, and the Admirals are beyond struggling at the gate. The local economy sucks asphalt right now.

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