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05-07-2004, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Davisian
but Pock looks to me like he's already proven that he belongs on an NHL roster one way or another.
I like the way that Pock looked, but he's proved to you that he belongs based on a handfull of games right after college?

"Where will he be in 2-3 years?? probably playing along side Tyutin on the top pairing for the Rangers."

Come on, PLD, aren't we getting just a little ahead of ourselves here? Pock played a total of 6 games after college. Let's give the kid just a little bit more time before we declare him a top pairing prospect. Granted, he showed more to me in those 6 games than Poti had in 2 years, and more than Lampman (who DID impress me). However, one cannot just make assumptions that Pock will be a top NHL player (and let's face it, if you are playing on the top pairing you are a pretty darn good player or should be) based on 6 games.
That said, the #4 choice can only be Jessiman. He may be a HUGE project, but the upside is equally huge.
Oh, can we please remove Umberger from the prospect list? The kid is not under contract to us and it appears that Jackass has decided that the #46 pick in the draft is of more value (giving us 5 2nd rounders...anyone else smell a trade?).

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