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05-07-2004, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Seachd
Okay, then. If they need someone who's NHL ready, why not keep the pick, draft a potential franchise goalie, and snag some other goalie for a much cheaper price?
Do you not think Miller is a franchise goaltender?

The only difference to me between getting Miller and keeping the pick to grab a guy like Montoya is that Miller is 1) NHL ready and 2) Proven that he really is a great prospect (which is hard to tell when you first draft a guy).

The only logical reason why the Kings wouldn't do this trade is if they thought Miller wasn't a franchise goaltender. So if that is what you are saying then just say it. If not than I don't understand you point.

A cheaper price? You want to get a young franchise goaltender with the 11th pick. Whats negative between trading it for one or drafting one yourself? I don't understand your logic here.

I can understand why the Sabres may not like this deal, but not the Kings.

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