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05-07-2004, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by BIGTRAIN
Real bright >>>> 1) If you enjoy seeing you team constantly failing ( IE LOSING ) and the ownership and management fail to fix the problem why do you watch ?? If they do not care enough about the people that pay the freight why should the fans care or support them ???

2) It makes no difference what team I am a fan of ( but my team is the caps followed by the flyers ) I can look at something and make judgements based on what happens >>> You to are so biased that the truth could hit you between the running lights ( your eyes if you do not no the expression ) and still not see or understand it >>>>

3)You can believe it if you want , but Olie's contract was not the issue why neither team made the trade but what was expected in return by washington was >> To say he cost to much is an easy out to placate the fans for not steping up to the plate and getting a player the could win them the cup >>> From what I have read is that Muckler and Martin were blasted by the owner for not getting Olie and martin paid the biggest price by being fired >>

So in review if you are staisfied with the goalies each team has then be prepared for the same results as their window of oppertunity run out >>>> For me I would be just as happy if Olie stayed in washington and trained the younger goalies but wish that he could win the cuo just once before he retires >>
1) i watch because i love hockey and support my teams no matter what. why do you still watch the capitals after they completely disassembled the team? because you like the team - and understand what they are going through. how can you stand by the caps-but disrespect the avs? pl might not have made the best moves, but there is no doubt he does everything he can do to get the team the cup every year - to a fault in my opinion. how can you say he doesnt care about the fans or the product. thats ignorance. the fans in colorado have nothing to complain about after 8 years or so of a dominant team - cup or no cup these last 2 years.
2) your choice of teams DOES matter because you are obviously biased FOR the caps and AGAINST the avs. your opinions almost smack of hatred against the avs.

3) if you think the 12 million owed ollie wasnt a factor in him getting moved at the if kolzigs contract was the same as salo's - they would have done it in a heartbeat....even just to have him back up abby (which would have been the case). that said, i wouldnt have agreed with it because it would have sent the signal to abby that they didnt have faith in him - which would have been the wrong thing to do. the spin the caps put on about being picky about kolzig is a hoax, a cover up in attempt to save face in the situation of keeping the guy you desparately wanted to move. im glad he stayed there - because it is where he is wanted the most. he will be good in the role of developing the young guys. i dont think he is the no1 goalie of a cup winner anymore - if you think that you are in a very small minority.

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