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04-03-2008, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by KWGoon View Post
I was kind of hoping you'd give Olli some credit for agreeing to do what you've wanted to hear from him for a long while now. Isn't there anything he can say or do that will satisfy?
actually, i meant to post something along those lines. took me a bit to get to it because, well, for reasons that should be obvious, i wasn't seeing the link at the top of the thread and didn't feel like logging out at the time just to see it. i really got a warm, fuzzy feeling reading that quote, though. it does sound like he wants to stay and i can appreciate that. i also appreciated his comments earlier in the year about moving to wing. hey - the guys a very, very good scorer and if we can rework the environment so that he can be effective and not deal with the captaincy (which i don't think he's suited for), i'm all for keeping him. i still think there are some character/personality defects there though and the stuff about the golf tournament, the potential influence of that kind of subversion (which could just be the tip of the iceberg) really worries me. that's something JM, if he's around, has to think about.

Originally Posted by KWGoon View Post
Ok, fair enough. I read more into Olli's admission that he was "absolutely" willing to give up the C, than to his condition that "If there's somebody else who's capable of doing a better job, then I don't have any issues giving it to somebody else." I could argue further that Olli's condition statement shows that he cares enough to want to make sure there's a BETTER captain to take his place. In other words, he admits he's not the best in general, but the team has to go out and get someone better. I could argue that he'd be happy to see that. But I'm speculating (duh).

The really INTERESTING thing is though that Olli would say anything at all. Was it because he's trying to stay in Florida and has some actual fear of being traded? Or is he trying to make amends with JM - by making the admission, and mentioning that it's the coach's and management's decision? Or is he trying to slight JM by not mentioning him by name, only be the generic position, hoping there'll be someone else making decisions?
well, we could go round and round on this. my take (an extension of the interpretation i offered last week) would be that he realized that he made a big mistake saying the things he said last week (both in terms of the power struggle and wrt losing the fans' support) and felt he had to supplicate, in a sense, to get back into our good graces (and cohen's and even, perhaps JM's).

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