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04-03-2008, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by golfmade View Post
Enoch: For those of us that couldn't see the game what happened?

Woot, Preds with another comeback win, yeah baby!

Let's go Oilers!!!
Essentially, with the puck in the Predators zone, on the Predators powerplay, and the puck a good 15-20 feet away in a different Predators possession.......McDonald skates over and practically dives into Dumont. Then McDonald gets up and starts chirping at Dumont.....almost like he was saying "Yeah, there is more where that came from....", which is absurd considering how ridiculously silly the move was. Then, Stempniak quickly skates over 'to defend' McDonald, and Dumont turns around and dumps him. It was odd because Dumont just stood there, he wasn't skating, and he had literally just turned around. Stempniak has all the momentum, and he was the one that got buried. Anyways, Stemp's cheap move came as they were skating away, he turns around and cross-checks Dumont in the chest......

The whole thing was just.....comical. An analogy that came to mind: Big brother laying down the law, despite his little brothers disobeying.....or something of that nature.

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