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04-04-2008, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Delorme View Post
I'm talking about the angle created at the knee as 90 degrees.
Well, this is true. However, greater knee bend will come into play the faster you go and the more stablility you want.

I was under the impression that "Stemp" was a beginner. Generally, we teach kids how to stop in mulitple phases.

The whole concept of teaching him really doesn't matter about how deep you bend your knees, as it is more important to teach him (kids as well) about weight transfer. That was the purpose of of me adding to the thread.

Once, you teach kids the idea of weight transfer, then they can get a better understanding of how to stop.

As you know, so kids learn differently from other kids. Some times, kids just want it broken down. I guess it's just a matter of coaching style.

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