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05-08-2004, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola
Well thats your opinion.. Prucha beat out Vasicek, Hemsky and several others to make the Chechz national team where he was one of the most prominent players. Seen him play in three national team tournaments before the WC. Same with Kondratiev, Immonen and Tyutin(last year + NHL). Ive seen Lundqvist about 30-40 times in the SEL. Jonasen live with Hammarby juniors against Bjorkloven juniors. Baranka live in WJC in finland. Have seen 3 of the last 5 WJC live. Lundqvist is the best goali out side the NHL rigth now, but he should be the 6th best prospect in the Rangers org.? Doesnīt sound rigth to me... Check him out tonigth at 6pm on ESPN!!!!

BTW what do you meen with Jessimans potential? So what he is 6ī5 with soft hands. That wonīt take him far.. Iīve never seen him play and that could be one of the reasons why rank him so low but there are reasons why he didnīt make the US U20 team. Atleast to me it sounds like he isnīt a world class skater, maybe good for a player his size but not world class. It also doesnīt sound like he is the best player defensivly.. Sure he can improve this and big guys usually develop slower but its no sure bet. Like I said if his potential breaks out he will become a GREAT BUILDING block(see: very important for the NYR) but I donīt see(or expects) him as(becomming) a future star. And please donīt bring up Bertuzzi, there have been 100īs power forwards who had great potential who hasnīt "developt late" like him... =)
How did you see the players? I said Lundqvist should be #3 or #4! Jessiman was drafted as a project, and he has all-star potential! That potential should put him in at least the top 3! I like Lundqvist, with his performance at the WC he should be #3. People say that he needs time to adjust to the NA size rinks, but where he plays, there rinks are bigger, and that means more offense! Lundqvist will be a starter in the future, if not an all-star. I think you are over rating Prucha because of his performance at the worlds, but it's just my opinion.

Now that that's out of my system, have a nice day!

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