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05-09-2004, 12:44 AM
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you said i said we needed better goaltending... we got good enough goaltending. We lost because we didnt score goals and we choked... i mean Theodore didn't even stone us and we still lost to the lowly Canadiens... we just stunk big time... nothing against your team... canadiens played as well as they possibly could have... still we were up 3-1 against them totally sucking... it was just when we totally totally totally sucked that we lost the series.

Lapointe was one of the few players who showed up all series.. he took alot of stupid penalties, but he still had his way with Montreal when he was on the ice. More Lapointes would have made a difference IMHO.

As for Thornton being injured, here is a ppg player who is a total stud who suddenly cant produce a single point in 7 games after missing the last 2 crucial games of the regular season after a very obvious slasj/crash situation... seems pretty obvious he was hurt to me.

Koivu meanwhile plays as good of hockey as he ever has in his career and doesnt miss a shift... perhaps he was banged up... i believe almost every player is banged up... but if Koivu really had the injuries that the Canadiens are trying to make us believe after their killing from Tampa, then he sure would have shown it more on the ice.

Nothing against Koivu... he is a stud and can play second line for my Bruins anytime... but Montreal is the biggest team of fakers and divers in the league... watching the franchise i once had so much respect for totally puke it all series long against the Bruins made me sick to the stomach. I wouldnt have minded the Bruins losing so much if we lost against a team with any deserving at all to have beaten us. I couldn't respect a thing that Montreal was doing on the ice though.

Souray seems like a player i could cheer for. Koivu actually is a guy i have nothing but respect for after his amazing fight against cancer. Theodore is for my money the best goaltender in the NHL the last 20 years not to have won a cup in his career.

Almost the whole of the rest of your team totally trashed the legacy though.

Did Koivu even claim these miraculous injuries for himself? I know i heard the coach offering up the lame attempts to say Koivu was playing with like a bruised lung. Never heard Koivu make that miraculous claim himself though.

Anyhow... your team played 4 more games when mine was on the golf links... i would have prefered my Bruins went on to meet Philly. We didn't... nothing more to be said about that. Your team could have totally choked too... heaven knows it seems to have enough losers on it that I certainly expected it too. They didnt choke as much as my Bruins did though... not until Tampa. As a fan of the Canadiens i am sure you got more than you could have possibly expected this season. It is probably a very good day to be a Fan of the habs.

Enjoy... I am going to be needing to cheer for next season.

Go Bruins Go
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Originally Posted by Komisarek8
What do you mean you didn't say that??

" Bruin fans also got to see the impressive leadership and warrior skills Lapointe pocesses at playoff time. With more Lapointe's in the lineup, maybe the team wouldn't have choked and died against the Canadiens?"

and I said that you said : "Bruins choked and died against the Habs" which is exactly what you said.

And if your talking about Thornton being was injured too

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