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05-09-2004, 02:06 AM
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I didn't say you need better goaltending. I meant to say back in claimed that you would kick our ***** if you had better goaltending which in this case with Andrew Raycorft you did. According to Koivu, he is missing the World Championship because of those injuries.

Yes, Joe Thornton is a PPG player IN THE SEASON but in the playoffs..

Total NHL 35 6 12 18 -10
In which 9 of the pts came in 1998-1999 and that was the only +1 in his playoff career so far so saying he is great in the season is meaningless. I remember when Gilmour retired he said something about how he will be remembered as a playoff warrior and until now Joe Thornton is trash when it matters. Yet I got to admit he is still young and has a lot of time to prove himself but 2/3 of the Boston Media where screaming to take the "C" of his shirt.

And your saying the Habs played the best they can? Just to tell you we could of played way better as a team...aside from Koivu,Kovalev,Markov,Rivet,Zednik, the rest were pretty bad. Ribeiro and Ryder were 1-2 in scoring and they didn't do anything the whole series except for Ribs 2 G in the same game.

Theodore didn't stone you??? Are you 7 was signed by Theodore. He should of played better then whole series but in game 7, he really showed us what he can do.

You say "More Lapointes would have made a difference IMHO." ..what the hell is that suppose to mean? I say " More Koivus would have made a difference IMHO" or "More Kovalevs would have made a difference IMHO"'s a useless statement that is irrelevant.

You say " Souray is a guy I can cheer for" ..You sure can cause he sucked balls for us.

Who really dove in that series? About Ribeiro, I will give u this..He did overreact but NOBODY on these boards know if he really was feeling any sort of pain. Kovalev..he didn't dive and you should be happy cause you won..Markov got punched in the face.
Hey ..why don't u ask PJ Axelsson how acting dead after Ryder touched his face looked on tv?

You say:"Anyhow... your team played 4 more games when mine was on the golf links"

Yes, but your team is suppose to go further then us. Your team is so called a "stanley cup contender" and we were suppose to end up 14th remember? Obviously it sucked losing to the Lightning like that but 2nd round show is better then a golf show.

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