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05-09-2004, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Broadway Crosby
Charlie Murphy:
That you said that the Rangers have done well scouting, that's funny. Farledeau, horrendous pick. The Rangers could have got Dustin Brown, instead of Jessiman, everyone says "What has Parise or Hugh done in the NHL?" Well Brown, who was picked one pick after Jessiman, has proved something, already. He will be a first-liner, and maybe an all-star, IMO. We could've had him. Baranka over O'Sullivan? Common. So don't say that my posts are annoying, and pointless, I just get out my opinions by the smiley faces, yes a little harsh, but I think I get my point across, Charlie. I think that the Rangers have done bad drafting, so I laughed at it, BIG WHOOP! Your posts are a helluva alot more pointless than mine.
jessimen = flop

if we could have taken dustin brown we would have been better off, everyone is just high on jessimen beacause he was taken in the 1st round . just like they were high on lundmark and brendl . both looking to be flops.. so all u so high on jessimen need to look and wake up, jess is a flop , nyr fans are just excited about himj cause of his size.he wont get theporpert ime as loing as sather is here as gm we need a real gm and coach thats believes in youth. as u noticed last season renneey aka sather only kept playing the vets. its like he was dying to win all the young kids should have got the most ice tiome and valiquette should have finished the season off... sorry about getting off the topic fan

lets go tampa .. win the cup

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