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05-09-2004, 02:04 PM
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A couple fantasy Bruin trade questions

I am not sure I would be in favor of doing a big rebuild for my Bruins myself at the moment as I actually do like our core to build around. I am wondering though what the board here thinks of a couple ideas that I might think about if they were presented to me as Bruins GM.

Of course this is mostly all purely hypothetical... i cant read real GM's minds or know their own irrational opinions of the values of the players I am suggesting. This is a process for entertainment purpose only... but I am interested in feedback.


If Joe Thornton was to be moved from Boston, I think the B's would be signaling that we were rebuilding bigtime again and were going to be looking 3-4 years down the road at the earliest. If Joe were to be moved then, the team would be wanting talented kids back.

The Calgary Flames are showing far more than I thought they had... obviously alot of it is do to a team system and chemistry... perhaps they shouldn't be wanting to do a big trade at all.

Calgary is also a small market team... it is questionable that they could afford to keep both Iginla and Thornton.

Suppose for arguments sakes though that the new CBA was going to control costs for third/fourth line guys and arbitration... and suppose that there was going to be some sort of gate equalization program as part of a cap agreement... suppose that there will be no cap without a guarantee that there will be a 'minimum' payroll too.

It is all possible... it is possibly even likely...

If the next CBA was going to allow for the possibility, would it make sense for Calgary to package up some of their fantastic looking kids to make a move for Thornton?

Call my trade idea Chuck Kobasew, Dean Pneaulf [sp?] Eric Nystrom, and the Calgary 2004 first rounder for Joe Thornton and Lars Jonsson.

Calgary does almost nothing to mess up their current team... and add a monster to play with Iginla or to create a second line with. They do sacrafice three pretty damn good looking kids though. Boston sheds a ton of immediate payroll and likely increases their overall team depth a ton for three-seven years down the road.

On paper does the trade look okay for both teams? Does it make any sense on the ice?

If Thornton goes... not much sense to keep Samsonov. He has been hurt the last two years, so I would keep him to at least game 20-30 and let him show what he can do with 20 min of ice each night and top PP time... think of a healthy Sammy who has 25 points after 20 games as the guy I am trading here then.

Sammy is mr excitement... he creates more offensive opportunities pure shift then anyone I see in the NHL... he will sell tickets... even if he doesn't always seem to get the best results for all the opportunities that he does generate.

I think a team like Pittsburgh could really use Samsonov bigtime. He really isn't making too much at the moment for a ppg player who has pretty much been playing without linemates in Boston the last 3 seasons. Look at Samsonov's Even-strength production... he scores hardly anything on the PP how the Bruins totally favor the big men there.

Anyhow... let Sammy show he is healthy [hopefully] then I propose this deal...

Samsonov and Hal Gill for Ryan Whitney, Milan Kraft, Pittsburgh 2004 1st round pick.

I am thinking Pittsburgh probably doesn't have forever to get decent again... their franchise has a shallow pocket ownership and crowds are totally dying for them. Boston meanwhile gets a potential number 1 stud dman here with MASS area appeal... we get a talented kid center who has not been able to thrive in the Penguin system... and we get a kid that should have the potential to be as good as Samsonov in 4-5 years from the very good draft pick spot.


Trading both Thornton and Samsonov will effectively gut the Bruin's chances for at least the next three seasons. It would be pointless to keep both Raycroft and Boynton under this circumstance.

Raycroft, Boynton, and Hilbert to Washington for first overall pick.

Washington seems to be wanting to do some serious cost controls now that their ownership has soured on owning a hockeyteam. Is he going to want a kid that he has to pay 4-5 mill a season to in bonues?

Perhaps. Washington does have Oulette as a young goaltender... not sure how high they are on him.

Raycroft would let the Caps move Kolzig for additional savings. Boynton looks ready today to be a top 2 d-man. Washington prob cant say bad for long and keep their spot in the market for fan interest. Are Raycroft and Boynton enough to get Washington to move a potential franchise player?

Not sure... i might throw in a second rounder from Boston but I wouldn't offer much more.


Sergei Gonchar and Martin Lapointe and half of Lapointe's contract to Florida for Anthony Stewart.

Is Florida close enough that Gonchar and Lapointe could push them to the playoffs? Would Gonchar like to stay in Florida after he has had a year there to enjoy the weather? What about Lapointe?

Stewart looks like a young stud in the making... but is he going to be a front line guy or a second line guy?

Anyhow... after these trades my Bruins would have a new core to build around that would feature Toivonen as the goaltender of the future. Whitney/Pneaulf/Stuart as the top anchors for the blueline. Ovechkin [sp again?] Kobasew, Nystrom, Boyes, Stewart, Kraft, Samuelsson as forwards who should be able to play top three lines.

We would also have good picks this year from Calgary and Pittsburgh that would hopefully hit too... and then the team should suck so much for this season that we would have a damn good shot at drafting Crosby too.

Would this be feesible? Do any of my trade suggestions seem too ambitious favoring the Bruins?

Would it be worth tearing apart a good young core today to try to shoot for an unbeatable dynasty three or four years down the road?

anyone want to offer up their own thoughts for discussion?

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