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04-07-2008, 12:38 AM
"Scoreboard, son."
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In some areas, we improved. In some, we didn't.

Opening night surprised me. Going to that game, I figured it would be a good one, but I never figured we'd shut out the defending Cup champs. That's my favorite moment of the year. And don't give me that Duck jetlag bullcrap...the Ducks took the Wings to a shootout 2 nights before they played us.

I think the great start stunned most people (including myself) & when it became apparent that we could potentially have a glimmer of hope for a playoff spot, the expectations rose. We seemed to be getting hot at the right time headed into the ASB. Having Modin & the Vybes everybody used to know would've helped significantly, of course. Where would we have been with the 40ish goals they may have provided combined?

And then, the wheels fell off. It was shades of the past, with injuries aplenty to more and more players, up to the point where we became the Columbus Crunch. I enjoyed most of this season, but March/April were torture. I was hoping for 35-35-12today.

On the roster front:
-Rick Nash is God.
-Nikolai Zherdev, welcome back. We missed you. My dad's a big fan of yours & jabs at me for doubting you.
-Pascal Leclaire was incredible & picked up a winning season by a decent margin.
-Howson found a diamond in the rough in Hejda & a fairly good pickup in Novotny.
-We somewhat lucked into Peca thanks to Svitov's defection, but without Peca, we don't have his 31 points.
-Freddy Modin...I forgot we even had him.
-I'd never heard of Jared Boll until the pre-season. I learned very quickly.
-Where have you gone, David Vyborny?
-Thanks for the ride, Jody.

Howson's promise of bolstering the roster for a playoff push didn't go as advertised, with the exception of the attempt at Richards. I like the Bolts, but I have gotten a kick out of how well Mike Smith is working out for them.

So what do we need? Howson said he wants two centers & 3 defensemen this summer, Priest says as many as 8 new guys. I'd like to see Leclaire, Hejda & Peca resigned at least. And we've got deep pockets this offseason. Somebody in another thread called this summer Christmas in July. I'm just hoping we get the Red Rider BB Gun & not a lump of coal under the tree.

This season was fun. Here's hoping for an even better one next year.

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