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04-07-2008, 03:38 AM
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Hitch can't handle the young

Originally Posted by mt-svk View Post
This season wan not good for some players. But where is written that next will not excelent? I think we shall keep our young players as Brass, Bru, Danny Fritsche, Kris Russell and Jared Boll and begin more working with them. All way is not in buying average players (because excelent players prefer the other teams with chance to SC) but working with young players. I think we have very good young.

Is the organization going to build a team around the coach's system or is the coach going to adapt his system to the personnel at his disposal?

Hitch has made it clear to management and players that he has no interest in developing players. He just made that statement again today that there won't be any spots on this team for players with "potential" if they don't belong in the NHL. Are they going to trade away young prospects because Hitch can't or wont' develop young players like other NHL coaches have such as Denis Savard in Chicago, Bruce Boudreau in Washington, or Craig McTavish in Edmonton? It's going to be an interesting "battle" between Hitch and GMSH this summer. One wants proven veterans now, the other wants to improve the team without trading away the future. So how is that going to be done? A choice has to be made. I don't think Hitch can coach a team without plenty of veterans, he relies heavily on them, and is known to have little patience for young players. Howson came from a team(Edmonton) that mostly had to develop from within and he doesn't have major experience in landing UFA's(he's no Kevin Lowe). GMSH has no easy task to entice proven veteran UFA's to a 25th place team, especially to Columbus. The only way as GM Doug MacLean found out, is to overpay veterans (who otherwise might not come) who get the huge bucks, but have absolutely no loyalty and will likely bug out as soon as the opportunity arises a la Foote. Where did that put us this year? Well we got a first round draft pick from Colorado true, but we were lucky let's not kid ourselves. Are we suddenly going to become the New York Rangers(of old) this summer and buy every available veteran that's worth anything this summer(2 centerman and 3 defensemen according to GMSH). Are we going to end up with more check cashing, disinterested, over the hill veterans, a la Federov, just because we have $20Million of cap space? Did it ever work for the New York Rangers? Yeah, that's it, let's go out and buy a whole lot of vets (for Hitch) without developing our young players at the NHL level and miss the playoffs yet again. Yeah! That should work! Naaaawt! This summer will answer a lot of questions about whether this organization has what it takes to build a winner.

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