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I'll just steal PRock's post to use as a template And I'll pick the number of games, too.

Round 1: Quaterfinals

Eastern Conference

(1) Montreal VS. (8) Boston
Montreal, 4-1. Boston is a decent team, but struggled with consistency and - most importantly - I believe went 0-8 against the Habs this season. Not a recipe for success.

(2) Pittsburgh VS. (7) Ottawa
Pittsburgh 4-3. This one's tough. I want to see the Pens go on, but Ottawa's got a solid team. I haven't seen the injury lists, as Ottawa could be the better team when healthy...then again, goaltending has been an issue for them this season, while Pittsburgh's goalies have overachieved.

(3) Washington VS. (6) Philadelphia
Washington, 4-2. Home ice, lots of momentum, and some solid playoff experience in the lineup (I forgot they picked up Sergei Federov) should help. Philly's been struggling, the Caps surging. I'd say Philly's still not made for consistent competition at this point. Still, when you remember where they were just two years ago, it's not bad for them.

(4) New Jersey VS. (5) New York Rangers
Rangers 4-1. I'd never count the Devils out, but there are times the Rangers just seem to have their number, and times the Devils have the Rangers' number. I think the Rags are going to be solid enough this year to get past Brodeur...a key to this is that New Jersey hasn't mustered much offense this season.

Western Conference

(1) Detroit VS. (8) Nashville
Detroit, 4-0. I'm going boldly here because I know some people think Detroit's just too soft a team to make it in the playoffs. But this has been the most consistent team this season, and has led the league in points almost all year without ever really being in jeopardy of losing that status - they won't fold in the first round, and I think will completely overwhelm Nashville.

(2) San Jose VS. (7) Calgary
San Jose, 4-1. Keenan got some results out of this team, but is starting to ruin key players again with head games (saw Hus is in his doghouse again). San Jose meanwhile has been hot lately and is a deep team.

(3) Minnesota Vs. (6) Colorado
Colorado 4-2. I'm sticking with Panthers Rock on this one. Forsberg's addition powered the Avs into playoff position and has lifted the team impressively. Sure, he's bound to be injured anytime, but I'm hedging my bets and saying he lives through the playoffs this year. Minnesota, meanwhile, still lives in Lemaire's trap system and hasn't seen much playoff success lately.

(4) Anaheim VS. (5) Dallas
Anaheim, 4-3. Yeah, of any team in the league Dallas most gives Anaheim fits. But the Ducks have a lot of last season's championship team back in the fold now...really all but Penner. Dallas just hasn't gotten on my radar despite a solid season, so I'm going to say they're not winning their second Cup this year. In fact, the Ducks are my favorite to go on.

Conference Semifinals
Based on the above predictions, without much analysis:

#1 Montreal vs. #5 NY Rangers
Montreal, 4-1.

#2 Pittsburgh vs. #3 Washington
Pittsburgh, 4-2. Bettman's wet dream Pittsburgh's got a better overall team, though Ovechkin's been better than Crosby this year.

#1 Detroit vs. #6 Colorado
Detroit, 4-1. Oh, to dream of that rivalry born anew!

#2 San Jose vs. #4 Anaheim
Anaheim, 4-3. My big-name top defensemen are better than your big-name top defensemen.

Conference Finals

#1 Montreal vs. #2 Pittsburgh
Montreal, 4-1. If the Habs get this far, they're going to the finals, I think.

#1 Detroit vs. #4 Anaheim
Anaheim, 4-2. Detroit will be tired due to age at this point to nullify Anaheim's exhaustion from playing so many games. I still like Anaheim's lineup more.

Stanley Cup Final
Montreal vs. Anaheim
Anaheim, 4-1. Lot of travel here will make for tired players. Being from the West, Anaheim will be more used to it. I think Anaheim's got a more talented roster and will run rings around the Habs (or any Eastern team this season, frankly). we'll see how badly I'm wrong I've been really off since accurately predicting Detroit's last Stanley Cup in the preseason a few years ago.

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