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05-09-2004, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by SwOOsh
ROFL Who cares what rank he is rated on a site, when it came time to play in the big dance he was horrible. The only thing that matters is NHL play when it comes to prospects and he was terrible. Also you and Briere are two of the biggest homers on this board.

Ouellete >>> Miller

End of story.
You made the idiotic assertion that Ouellet was a higher ranked prospect than Miller.


If you are judging a prospect by 3 games, that is your problem. 3 games doesn't mean a damn thing.

Briere and I aren't the two biggest homers on here. Briere's the biggest cynic, and I'm the biggest a-hole. But we're right in this case. That's why we resorted to facts, while you resort to ad hominem arguments.