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04-07-2008, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by eliash View Post
"If the habs didn't play the bruins this year, they wouldn't be first"
"If the Bruins beat the habs 8 times the habs wouldn't have made the playoffs"

I hate people who bring up those arguments. It's like if I say: If I didn't have hair I'd be bald.
People like to bring up arguments like those for they don't have anything better to say but want to have the last word. People like to play the "what if" game in order to look smart, but things is... it's a huge waste of time and brain cells to bgin to think that way, what happened has, just get on with it!

We arn'T gona take it, let them undermine us, underestimate us... fine... Our team will prove them wrong.

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