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Originally Posted by pantherbot View Post
i think olli just isn't a good captain. this may sound a bit weird but he takes his captaincy too seriously. he just needs to relax a bit and have fun. he seems like one of those really uptight type of leaders. the type that can't relax and just lead naturally, as if he has to try really hard in order to be a leader type.

playersneed to take their jobs to perform seriously but they also need to have fun and i think olli no longer knows how to to do that. with a young team like the panthers, they see it in their captain and they feel the same uptightness and the need to be perfect. but what the team really needs is to play relaxed, with confidence and to play to enjoy the game.

not really sure what the solution would be but they need a new captain.

and sundin would never sign with the panthers, he's stated multiple multple times he wants to retire a leaf
So true he puts so much pressure on himself, he might believe he is leading a military squad & w/e, so what I find funny is how can the troops find guidance if the leader doesn't say **** to lead them in the right or wrong direction,not even when in the barracks I assume(locker room) and lastly what leader doesn't try his/her hardest or show emotion? Oh yes it's either he doesn't have the passion/determination or he just has Soviet blood in his veins.

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