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Originally Posted by Turboflex View Post
Most people just don't know a team well enough beyond the household player names everyone knows. This is just reality because you really have to be watching 3-4 games a day to claim to be intimitely familiar with the majority of the teams, also you have to have a real coach's eye for the game to be able to really absorb and analyse what a team's really all about.

Most people around here are either idiots who don't fully understand the game or bull****ters who know they havent seen enough of a team but will make some BS post about the team anyways for kicks cuz it's just some anonymous internet forum.

Plus the habs are an enigma to most since most of the players havent gotten much exposure (even names like Kovalev most people just think of last year's drama).
WOW, now thats a rant and definately not a habs fan
I watched all 82 games and I am pretty sure a lot of the people that write these posts watch quite a bit of hockey. Who cares if they are not a 100% accurate. Bottom line no one in this forumn knows **** even you because we never played in the NHL.

But it is fun to say things about your team and get another perspective on what you think. There were other fans that thought I was super biased, that is his opinion and totally entiteled. Bottom line, I think you learn more by listening to posts as fans and bottom line in your opinion. You could make the argument no one knows anything, well if that was true maybe this whole site should disappear. Everyone fan is in the same scenario and they probably learn as well.

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