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04-08-2008, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by andrew2 View Post
i had heard that carey was big since draft day. in that video posted from tsn on draft day doesnt pierre mcguire say he was already at 200lbs? i had the pleasure of seeing carey in person and i would say that he seems even bigger than 226, hes massive. he has an extremely large frame that is completely filled in.
Here's excerpts of an article from Goalie World (Feb-March 08) with Jorg Achenbach of Vaugh Custom SPorts who custom designs hockey equipment for Price, Biron and Cam Ward (among others):

"Even if both Carey Price and Martin Biron measure in at 6 foot 3, their bodies are quite different, Price weighs 230 lbs., Biron 170. This alone creates needs for the interior design of the pad.
"For example, most goalies, Biron included, have four individual stacks on which their knees rest when they are down in the butterfly. Unlike Biron, Price has one big solid stack. "At 230 lbs., Carey really comes down hard on his stacks", says Achenbach. "It's not the same impact as with Biron. Therefore, Carey feels that the one big stack provides him with more stability than the four individual stacks."
"Price's huge and muscular body demands another adjustment from his leg pads. "He has really big legs", says Achenbach. "His calves are enormous and I was concerned that he would get cut by a skate hitting the back of his legs. They were too exposed. His calf wraps are therefore two and half inches longer on both sides than other goalies. Since this has nothing to do with net coverage but rather protection, there is no problem regarding NHL regulations. Nevertheless, it still had to be approved."
"We encountered the same problem with his chest-arm protector because of the huge size of this biceps...
"Heavy goalies are tough on their equipment and Price is no exception. "Carey is on his 4th set of pads at the moment and he will probably use five sets this year", says Achenbach. "A lighter goalie like Cam Ward (184 pounds) will use six sets of pads but that's because he likes new gear."

I guess 175 was a bit off.

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