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05-10-2004, 12:32 PM
Kirk Muller
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Originally Posted by patp77
You're right that there is no guarantee that a goal would be scored but there was a goal scored. When a goal scored, if the referee believes there was something wrong with how it lead to that (offside originally, missed icing call, goaltender interference), they go to the cameras and find out. After looking at the situation that lead to the goal, it was evident that the goaltender was interfered with and that the goal should have been disallowed. Giving the other team 3 questionable power plays to make up for giving a goal that should be disallowed is not how you make things even because a goal can shift momentum. The way I see it, Slovakia should have been on a power play going on a high thinking they had a chance to grab the lead. Instead, no penalty is called and the goal is allowed, which drastically shifts the momentum and also changes how teams are playing on the ice as Canada can now play more of a trap to hold the lead and not worry about having to score another goal as long as they can play solid defensively for the rest of the game. So yes.. there is bitterness in the win.

It doesn't feel deserved even though I do think we could have won the game without that goal being allowed. It just doesn't feel as good to win this way, that's all.

Maybe I am bitter, but what were hab fans told when Kovalev got two handed. Well I'll para-phrase, "well he should have kept playing until the whistle went." Guess what, when I see Lasak sprawled on the ice for 5 seconds longer then he should, this thought comes to mind as well has him embellishing it.

Fact is, refs are deciding factors in EVERY SINGLE GAME.

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